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At Beethoven's Shadow Piano Studio we don't just "do lessons" ... we study music. We believe that quality in education is key! Thus we craft our curriculum for the individual student with an emphasis on artistry, theory, history, and technique; affording every student the opportunity to become well-rounded, intelligent pianists. 

What do we do at Beethoven's Shadow Piano Studio?

Piano Lessons

Private piano lessons are held on a weekly basis and range from 30-60 minutes depending on your age and level of experience. Pricing is based on the lesson length.

  • 30 minute lessons = $119 per student/month

  • 45 minute lessons = $170 per student/month

  • 60 minute lessons = $221 per student/month

If you are interested in scheduling a lesson, please send us a message via our "Contact" page!  

Recital & Repertoire

Each year our students have multiple opportunites to perform at repertoire and recital.

Repertoire performances are done in a small group (student-only) setting and allows for students to become acclimated to the pressures and challenges of performing before playing in a recital.

Recitals are open to all family and friends and are held twice a year. Once at Christmas and once in the Spring. 

Houses & Competition

During the Academic Year, our students get the chance to compete for awards! Students are divided into teams (we call them houses) and earn points throughout the year by practicing, completing theory assignments, etc. The house with the most points at the end of the year wins the HOUSE CUP! Student's also compete for individual awards such as the Perfect Practice Record, Composer Award,  Historian Award, and more!


Our students have the wonderful opportunity of participating in Piano Guild each year in May. Guild serves as our end of year finals and allows us to see how the students are doing on an international level. The students love receiving their guild awards and pins every year and work hard to play anywhere from 1-20 pieces from memory for our prestigious judges.

Summer Music PROGRAM

We have a blast each year during summer camp! It's a great way to have fun, let our hair down, and explore music in a different way! Weekly summer lessons are full of off-the-bench activites, games, interactive worksheets, music jam sessions, and more! 

Excellent piano teacher! My son loves it there!

Dahlia Stahl

I have been taking lessons for about 3 years now and it’s been a great experience. Mrs. Rebekah is a kind, patient teacher who cares about the education and well-being of her students. I love going to my lesson each week and wouldn’t want to go to any other piano teacher.

Savannah Dew

She is an amazing piano teacher! My daughter absolutely loves her and looks forward to seeing her every week!

Michaelia Salvador

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