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The House Method©: What's included?

Each "House Packet" (whether you purchase the full Era Kit or Individual Houses) will include the following products:

-The House Method: Manual

      This manual provides a step-by-step guide to setting up the House Method in your studio.

- Printables!


~ Composer Biographies

~ Composer Sketches

~ Letters from the Composers

~ Fact Record Pages

~ House Crests

~ Assignment Sheets

~ Student Score Tracker

~ and more!

Check out these samples:

The REVIEWS are in!


Piano Teacher in South Carolina

     "I am starting week four with the House Method & my students are loving it! They are even asking about next year. Thank you for the work you have done to make it possible for other teachers to enjoy the same success. We had a recital at a Memory Center on Saturday. I’m excited to report that all [of my] students participated! My only male student (age 14) who in the past has begged me not to have him play in anymore recitals, has agreed to play in our Piano Festival in March. Students are more diligent to do their theory. One student, Grace, entered a talent show competition at school playing piano. I have only had one student, one time, come to her lesson without practicing. They are working hard to get at least five days of practice each week. And who would think that they would get so excited about hiding the clue card each week! ... Thank you for your help."


Grandparent of a House Method Student

      "I think that you have hit a home run when you came up with doing the House Method. I have seen my kids start practicing more without me constantly saying “don’t forget you need to practice the piano!” I see an excitement in them about playing the piano that I did not see before. It has made piano fun for them and they love competing against each other. It is a good, clean competition between the kids and they are learning at the same time. I love watching them have fun and enjoy something but learning at the same time. I love the fact that it has made them want to learn about different composers. My grandson has developed a love for Mozart because of this! Studio Tournament day is fun for us all! When they answer a question at the tournament you are pleasantly surprised at the knowledge they have developed whether it’s about the music or the composer! This is really a lot of fun! It definitely keeps them interested in piano. Thank you, Mrs. Rebekah, for coming up with such a fun learning experience for the kids."


Parent of a House Method Student

          "I would highly recommend the House Method Mrs. Wall uses. It has helped my daughter in so many ways. She loves the challenges it brings, and she loves learning about each of the composers and the history behind the music. I think it brings a fun and new way of learning music and has helped her to see music in a whole new light! We are truly enjoying this fun piano journey!"

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